A session is the store for all information related to a single student working on a single exercise or question. It contains the definition of the exercise, all actions of the student, and all information generated by Algebrakit (hints, evaluation results, feedback, and scoring).

Note: A session does not store any information that identifies the student.

Each session has a unique session ID, which is returned by the Algebrakit web service when calling /session/create. Use this session ID to:

  • Restore the exercise or interaction web component. For example, the web component is restored to its most recent state when a student navigates away from the page and returns to it later.
  • Review the question. Reconstruct the question web component such that a teacher can inspect all intermediate results, feedback, and hints.
  • Get the worked solution for a session.
  • Get a list of all learning events. Obtain a list of evaluation results, detected student errors, and generated hints.