Moodle Plugin

An Algebrakit question type plugin is available for Moodle. This page shows you how to add an Algebrakit exercise to a quiz in Moodle.

The Algebrakit plugin for Moodle has the following features:

  • Support for all Algebrakit interaction types
  • Reviewing the answers provided by the student
  • Automatic scoring

For this guide, we assume that you have a basic understanding of Moodle and that you have Admin privileges for the Moodle installation you are using. If you do not have admin priviliges, steps 1 to 4 need to be executed by an admin.


  1. Download the plugin code here.
  2. Follow the instructions on the Moodle website on how to install a new plugin.
  3. On your Moodle site, go to "Site Administration", click the "Plugins" tab, find the "Question Types" section and click "Algebrakit".
  4. Here, you can set the API key that the plugin will use. Paste your API key into the field and save.

    Plugin Settings

  5. Create a new Quiz (or edit an existing one) in one of your courses in Moodle.

  6. Add a new question to the quiz, select the Algebrakit question type.

    Selecting the Algebrakit Questiontype

  7. Type a name and an optional question text for the question. Algebrakit exercises often include question texts themselves so these are not required here.

  8. Expand the Algebrakit section and input your Exercise ID, Leave the "Major Version" field empty.

    Setting the Exercise ID

  9. Test your question by previewing it.